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Our Services

Be a Light Mission Service Center Inc provides a range of services to help people experiencing homelessness in Pasco county. Our goal is to reduce homelessness by offering housing and assistance empowering them to live independent, sustainable lives.

Employment Assistance

It is hard to get a job without basic help while homeless. Lack of access to computers, transportation, and hygiene are obstacles for many to find and keep steady work.

We offer help through our:
  • Professional clothing pantry
  • Transportation (bus passes, bikes)
  • Placement assistance
  • Community service
  • Volunteer work program
UPCOMING: Computer lab and literacy courses

Medical Assistance

Monthly events providing medical assistance and referrals through our partnerships with local medical providers.

Current schedule:
  • BayCare - every 1st and 3rd Tuesday
  • VARK Inc - every Friday
  • State Attorney Mobile Medical - as scheduled

Housing Referrals

Everyone's situation is different. Someone fleeing a domestic violence situation has special housing needs to maintain anonymity and security. Another recovering from addiction may not want to go to a shelter for fear of relapse.

Utilizing our partnerships with various local organizations and shelters, we offer rapid rehousing, referrals, vouchers, and other financial assistance as available.

NOTE: Our target state is a housing program to address the shortage of beds, affordable housing options, and services in the county. Want to know more? Contact our Executive Director, Raenell Shirley.

Insurance & Aid Assistance

Life threatening health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, Hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS can be three to six times higher among those experiencing homelessness. Without access to health insurance, many resort to street drugs making the substance abuse crisis worse.

We help enroll people for health insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, social security (SSI, SSD), food stamps, and other financial benefits. Enabling them to access mental health, pain management, and nutrition programs for healthier behaviors and outcomes.

Pantry Services

Our center is home to a host of pantry services offering assistance to the community for free.

  • Food (perishable and non-perishable)
  • Clothing
  • Professional Clothing Closet
  • Survival Needs (tents, tarps, sleeping bags)
  • Hygiene

Mobile Meal Ministry

Buses don't run on Sundays. Transportation during the weekend to a food pantry can be a challenge. And $40 in food stamps only goes so far...

Our field crews travel in search of people in need of meals and other assistance. We perform wellness checks and offer resources on the go.

UPCOMING: Showers and Laundry

Imagine trying to get a job and you don't have access to clean clothes or a shower. There are no mobile showers in Pasco county...so we want to set them up providing a way to support our field and center community with showers.

Without access to laundry, clothing is discarded which adds to the trash at the sites. It is difficult to find a steady supply of clothing that fit. Free laundry services would enable us to recycle clothing reducing trash and waste.


No. Although we are faith-based, we are not a church nor affiliated with a church. We do welcome partnerships with churches. If a church is interested, they can contact our Director of Ministry and Outreach, Perry White.

Yes. As a Continuum of Care, we participate in the Coordinated Entry System which helps place people in available housing.

No. We offer first aid and medical assistance through our partners but we don’t treat. We refer people for treatment to their physician, clinic, or other medical facility.

Yes, we are a 501 (c)(3) organization.

No, we are not an overnight shelter. At our center, The Lighthouse, people can stay during our normal operating hours and receive services. They must leave at closing.

Food is donated by local pantries, churches, businesses, and individuals. Meals are prepared offsite except for community events.

If you are interested in donating, please contact our center operations at (727) 378-3241.

Want to Help?

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