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General Office

Mon - Fri: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Hours of Operation

Help us help them.

Meeting people at their need. No judgement. Just grace.
Helping people experiencing homelessness and the at risk in Pasco county.

How We Help

Established in 2020, Be a Light Mission Service Center Inc. is a faith-based, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping people experiencing homelessness through programs and services such as meals, financial aid, housing, and other measures that obstacles to reducing homelessness.

Basic Needs

Free food and clothing pantry open to all in need

Housing Referrals

Referrals for emergency, transitional, and permanent housing for families and individuals

Insurance & Aid

Signup for medical, SSI, food stamps, and other assistance

Employment Assistance

Resume writing, application assistance, bus passes

It Starts With a Meal...

We start with a physical need such as a meal to build a relationship with people. Food is a love language. When you care about someone you ask “Are you hungry?”

With that relationship, we address deeper needs and concerns such as income instability, healthcare, food insecurity, survival needs, and housing. Offering services and encouragement.

volunteers serving meal to person attending community cookout at homeless center

Our Impact

Meals Served on Average Monthly
Average Daily Visitors Since March 28 Opening
Miles Driven Providing Field Services

Praise Report: Ray

Ray came to our center, The Lighthouse, just before Mother’s Day. He was recently homeless after losing his job. He was scared to be on the street. This tall, 29 year old man was so distraught…you could see the hopelessness in his face. He was visibly shaken at having to go back out there another night.

We asked if he had any family or local support. He mentioned his mom but she was out of state. He wasn’t sure if he would be welcomed and was ashamed of his situation. We sat and called his mother with him. Instead of shunning him, she offered to buy his ticket home!

We needed to find shelter for him for a night but nothing was available for intake. We reached out to one of our unhoused neighbors “Auntie S” who took him under her wing and gave him a safer place to stay for the night.

The next day, Ray left for the bus station. One of our volunteers, Angel, kept in contact with him throughout his bus trip and asked him to text her when he got there safely. This picture was taken the day after Mother’s Day when he arrived.

Praising God for bringing Ray and his mom together! For giving Ray a safer place and the courage to be patient one more night. Praying for Ray and his mom. And thanking God for using us to reunite a family.


We are grateful for our partners’ support providing pantry, operational funding, provider services, and other assistance.

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